Q & A

Do you accept credit cards?

We are able to accept Venmo or Paypal for an additional 3% charge. 

Do you guarantee your wood?

We do our best to ensure that lumber is stacked, stickered and dried correctly, however all lumber may have natural imperfections causing weakness and we can not guarantee that the boards will not swell, warp or have structural deficits. 

What do you charge to mill logs?

The price is dependent on the species. In general softwoods are about .45 per board foot and hardwoods are .50 per board foot.                  THERE IS A $30 BLADE FEE FOR ALL HARDWARE HIT

What are your hours?

We operate by appointment only. Please call or email for availability.

Do you always have all species?

We do our best to maintain a variety of sizes and species, however there is never a guarantee of availability.

Do you cut trees down?

No, I do not cut standing trees

Do you buy logs?

Occasionally we are in the market for logs. Call for further information.

Do you plane boards.

I will plane boards up to 15" for an additional cost.